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This is a story about how couples, who have been married 17 to 50 years, have remained in love. These couples share their views on coping with adversity, differences, and other stresses experienced in long-term relationships. They also offer their opinions on how to distinguish between love and infatuation. And, finally they answer the question "Do you find or create a soul mate?"

The professionals interviewed share their advice on how to choose a mate, cope with the multiple stresses that affect relationships, and provide their answer to the question "Do you find or create a soul mate?"

The story and answers unfold in 53 minutes.
ISBN 0-9675665-0-9

Producer and Director:  Melinda Hughes

"One of the best first time films that I have ever seen."  Rusty Delk, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Houston, Texas

"Soulmates is great...greater than great!  Not that I didn't have high expectations, but they were surpassed."  Paula Thomas, viewer

"I am so totally impressed with your wonderful video.  I think it is really good." Jo Shields, viewer

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